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Welcome! I'm zebra1234567, one of your Administrators! We have a few rules you need to follow! By joining this forum, you agree to the forum rules. These are posted in the forum, as well. :1. Always be polite, kind, and caring! 2. Never say any hurtful or mean comments. If you think you might be saying something mean check in with yourself before you say it and see if you would like that said to you.3. No Scamming (ripping-off)4. Never insult anyone5. FOLLOW ALL RULES IN PMs AND FORWARD ANY BAD ONES TO STAFF! [PMs are NOT a right...They can be suspended if you mis-behave!]6. Don't abuse the chat box- IT IS NOT A right! WE CAN BAN MEMBERS FROM IT!7. Please be respectful to all authorities, we have many members and need to keep it a happy place8. If you make anyone feel unsafe in anyway you will be punished. All Staff RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT YOUR POST!10. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION-I cannot stress this enough! It is vital to your security and others. 11. PLEASE FLAG ANY INAPPROPRIATE POSTS! I cannot stress this enough! It's the best way to grab the attention of a Mod or Admin!12. If You EVER Scam in the GE, you will Automatically be banned from Trading on W4E, and the Admins reserve the right to do that. 13. No Posts Under 3 Words Please! (Posts with less are Spam and may be deleted or merged ;) )NOTE: Rule does not apply when Quoting a different Post in the Double- Post ;) (Please PM an Admin if you do not Understand that....)14. Please No Double- Posting (1 post after another) unless it is Seperated by 24hrs from the Original Post, unless you hit quote and are quoting someone. (Double- Posts may be merged or deleted ;) )15. Please note that Bold, and RED, and BLUE, are Reserved for the Staff for Moderation. Please keep it to the Default font OR one of the Other Colors. (Posting in Moderator colors will have your posts edited back to the default font by a moderator...)Banning:PUNISHMENT PROCEDURE:1. A Polite reminder2. A Polite reminder & a Link to the Rules to re-read3. Stern Warning4. Very Stern Warning5. Banned for a Day6. Banned for a Week7. Banned for a Week8. Permenant IP Address Ban (Adios for good!) [This means that your IP Address will be banned, preventing you from ever viewing the site again] Please note that this Policy is not Counted for every time you break any rule....you go up the Punishment Procedure scale seperatly for each Rule you break.The Only Exception to that is the IP Address Ban--Chat Box Rules--We have just a few rules for you to follow concerning it:1) No rude commentsJust Because a Moderator is not posting in the Chat does not mean that they are not watching and that you have the right to mis-behave, so follow the rules all the time!2) You MUST contribute to the rest of the forum*This means that the Chat Box may be suspended for you until you contribute to the Rest of the Forum3) If a Moderator or Administrator tells you to leave, you MUST!If you follow the Moderator's Instructions in the Chat Box to leave...you will not be banned from it.If you do not leave, you will then be banned from the Chat box at a time set by discresion of the Moderator in charge*Note, the Chat box is a wonderful feature, but if abused, it can be taken away as easily as it was put there. Please remember not to chat in red, or blue, that is for moderation! Thanks!Have fun!--Trading in the Chat Boxes--In order to do that, you must be a trader. A staff member will varify this when you give them your username. Then, once that is done and the staff member returns, you will send. --Reputation Points--Just Private Message a moderator in order to give someone 5. 5 is maximum. We have 3 bars. --Religion--I, am personally, not very religious, and it bugs me to death when people decide to make it their avatar, signature, and constantly talk about it. I'm not Christian, Catholic, Roman Catholic, e.t.c. and I'd rather not tell you what I am. There are SO many things I'd like to say to those people!Please don't talk about anything religious! It embarasses me (and maybe others) and spams up the forum. The conciquences will link back to the main rule conciquences. Thanks!GOLDEN RULE- ENJOY THE FORUM AND HAVE FUN!

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