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General guide to posting

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1 General guide to posting on Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:37 am


Webkinz =]
Webkinz =]
Hey guys Wave Zebra wanted me to make a guide on the basics to posting around the forums.

Exclamation Basic things to remember while posting around the forums Exclamation

sunny First- How to post sunny
See something you would like to reply to? Well its simple really- just...........

- Scroll down the bottom of the page where you see a box that says “Quick Reply” type in what you want to say and click SEND!

-You can also click the button , a page will come up and allow you to type what you would like to say then click send.

Sometimes you might want to include what somebody says in your post. This is called quoting and its really easy to do. Just click the button that looks like this underneat the persons post you want to quote
If you want to quote multiple people just check on this thread on how to do it

Posting a new thread-
Want to post your own thread?
- Keep these tips in mind
* Be sure to look and make sure there isn’t already a thread up like the one that you want to make. It is much easier to get some chatting done if we don’t have duplicate threads.
* Be sure you do your best to post your thread in the right section ( the section that best fits what your thread is about)

To post a new thread just go to the section you want to post a new thread in – click on the button and start posting away!

Customizing your thread- Make your thread fun and exciting Smile Try adding some fun smiles. We have A LOT of amazing smiles to choose from!

cheers :cheer: :hug: flower Wave Wewe Whistle Flower Fairy police Happy Clap Blob
Things to keep in mind-
- Keep all posts 3 words and up
- Keep things safe ( no asking for personal info or giving any out)
- Be nice! ( No fighting, being rude, etc)
- No inappropriate content

Have questions about editing posts, or polls?
Please go to our FAQ located here http://www.webbies4ever.net/faq.htm
Scroll down the section that says “Posting Issues” Our FAQ also has a lot of important information about other issues, should you ever need it Smile

Mailman Need Help with something? Mailman
If you need anything at all ( either included in this guide or not) feel free to send a pm to pinkflamingo , Id love to help you out

Thumbs Up! And remember to have fun! HAPPY POSTING! Thumbs Up!

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2 Re: General guide to posting on Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:47 am


Rainbow Webkinz
Rainbow Webkinz
Fantastic guide, Pink...
Thanks so much for posting this!! flower

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3 Re: General guide to posting on Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:34 pm

Webkinz Mania

Webkinz =]
Webkinz =]
Yeah! Love the guide!

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