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1 No Title Yet. on Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:07 pm


As the three girls walked into their dorm, Amy plopped onto her bunk and dropped her bags on the floor. "GOSH! What a long ride!
This place seems pretty tricked out!" Chantal laughed as she placed her bags on the floor and made her way over to her bunk. Nika
placed her bags on her bunk and opened them, as starting to pack away her things. She just replyed with "mm..".

Amy got up off her back and into sitting position. "I wonder if they have any place to sing here?" she said, looking at the two girls.
Nika kept packing, and Chantal replyed "Mabye! I might try out. I know you will!" Amy and Chantal laughed. "Of coarse!" Amy said.

Amy slapped one of her big bags onto her bunk. She flipped it up and dumped out all of her stuff on her bed. As she picked up a
comb and a mirror, Chantal began to un-pack her things. Amy opened her flip mirror, and fixed her hair a bit. Nika had just finishe-
d packing away her items. She settled away everything so that she could get used to the place. Nika gave Amy a look as if to tell h-
er that she was leaving and turned to go out the door. "See ya!" Amy said. Nika turned back and put on a small smile, and waved.
She headed back out the door, and the smile went away.

Amy awoke to the sound of her alarm clock, which had went off 2 hours late. She rolled over and slamed her hand onto the clock to
make it stop. "No.. not yet... 2 more minutes" she mumbled and rolled over. Chantal, who was sitting by a desk near the window,
rolled her eyes with a big smile. "Lazyyyy" she said laughing. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at Amy. "Get up, sleepy head!" she
said smirking. Amy quickly rolled over and fell off her bunk. "What!? What time is it!?" Amy said getting up, looking at the clock. Ch-
antal cracked up laughing. "You big nut, you've wasted the day away!" She said. ((Amy's expression is now like this: -___-'))

Amy hopped around getting ready as Chantal watched her hop from one side of the room to the other with her socks half on. "Amy.
Sit down, and get ready." she laughed. "No time, gotta rush, Im dumb" She said hopping around trying to brush her teeth and put
on a sock at once. Chantal burst into laughter. At this, Amy fell onto the floor. "Chanshkal!" she said through her toothbrush. Chant-
al cracked up even more. "GAH!" Amy said, running into the bathroom, spitting and rinsing. Her socks were now on and and she
was ready to go. "Breakfast?" Chantal asked. Amy nodded, and Chantal threw a oatmeal bar at her, as Amy caught it. Amy ran out
of the room, slamming the door in a rush, and stuffing the bar in her mouth.

Amy rushed to find Nika. "Nika!?" She whisper-yelled. "mmm..." She heard from a tree. "NIKA!? YOURE A TREE!!" She whisper-yell-
ed again. Nika shook her head, and peeped out from behind the tree. "Im right here.." She said. "Oh gosh, Nika! I thought that you
were a tree!". "No Amy.. not yet anyways." Nika said, calmly. Amy cocked her head to the side, and walked over, next to Nika. Nika
was gazing into the pond, which seemed crystalized. There was lilypads, and kio fish. She was reeding a cat-tail through a lilypad,
and tying a pink flower to the top of it. She dipped it into the water, and lifted it, ever so gently. A kio fish was hanging to it. She
flipped it over, and wrapped it in the lilypad, and tied it together, so it could just swim. Amy gave Nika a questioning look, as Nika
placed the kio in the water. It swam better than it did without the lilypad. "H-How did-" Amy said, getting cut off. Nika said quietly,
as always, "Its back scales were damaged." Amy was so amazed of how Nika knew these things.

"I'm gunna go" Nika said, waving, and walking away. "Bye!" Amy said.

Amy stood onto a large rock and blasted her music. She started to sing and dance to the song she wrote called "Come with me".
She sung at the top of her lungs. She was such a fabulous singer.

"At the end of every week, each one of us becomes the freak, but now the DJ makes us move..." She danced around singing. She
was cut off and her music kept going as she heard a boy, coming out of the trees. "You know, you're an amazing singer." He said
smiling. She stuttered a bit, embarassed to be caught off guard. "Thanks," she said blushing. "No problem," the boy said. He walked
over to her and shook her hand. "I'm Joe" he said. Amy smiled. "I'm Amy."

"Soo..." Joe said, looking around. "Its nice here, isn't it?" Amy nodded. "I found this, thanks to my friend." "Ah. I bet that she's nice."
"Yeah," Amy said, "But she's very quiet." "I see.." Joe said, looking around. He pointed to a tree and whispered, "Look at that bird
up there" Amy looked, and saw a beautiful red-cheasted robin. She whispered "That's amazing" Joe smiled at her, and said, "Would
you like to go get a smoothie?" Amy blushed. "Sure thing." She smiled.

Amy finished sipping her smoothie. "Thanks," she said. "You're welcome," Joe replyed, "we should do this again sometime." "Sure
thing," Amy said smiling. Joe smiled back at her. "Want me to walk you back?" "Alright," Amy said, with a twinkle in her eye. Joe
reached for her hand, and she put hers out to him. They smiled at each other as Joe walked her back. "Thanks again," Amy said,
smiling. "No problem," Joe responded, with a warm smile.

Chantal shook her head witha smirk, as Amanda rolled out of bed and onto the floor. "WHAT!?" she screamed after hitting the floor.
Chantal laughed and threw a pillow at her, "You were sleeping, my friend." Amy got up. "Ya couldda woke me up!" she said jokin-
gly, throwing the pillow back at Chantal. Chantal threw the pillow onto her bed. "Yeah, I tried, a few times, and all youd do was put
your hand on my face and scream "NO, I WANNA SLEEP." Amy laughed, "Oh well. I'll go get ready now, I'm going out to sing
today." Amy walked into the bathroom to get ready, as Chantal sat by the window, drinking her soda.


Its all that I have wrote so far, and some of it is messed up with indents and dashes, because I copied and pasted from notepad, so just ignore that lol.

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2 Re: No Title Yet. on Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:44 pm


Platinum Webkinz
Platinum Webkinz
ok i love it so far!when you are done i will help you think of a title,you know

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3 Re: No Title Yet. on Sat Sep 06, 2008 2:49 pm


Rainbow Webkinz
Rainbow Webkinz
This is very very good! Enjoyed the story and hope to read more soon.

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