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The Castaways:Book 1( The worst class trip ever!)

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he Worst Class Trip Ever

Chapter 1.
My name is Dani!
I'm a normal 6th. grader.
With normal friends.
My class was in Science class.
Mr. Greenland(our somewhat crazy teacher) was asking a normal question.
Little miss perfect Angela raised here hand.She LOVED a guy i kinda liked and
acted like a goodie to shoes.Mr.Greenland said " Ten of you are
going to a island straight across from this one. We will pick up trash
there, to save the choo-choo bugs population.The bugs are rare in most
parts of the world.As i walked out, I decided to sign up. I signed my
name,then I looked up there was the names "Angela Barnes, Jake Terson
I almost fainted in shock. A whole week with Angela! At least Jake is
coming, but Angela will be flirting with him. That wasn't the worst

Chapter 2.Here's who coming:Angela Barnes,Jake Terson,Kirstie Sleator,
Kayla Sleator,Macy Dudson,Dani Tillson,Alexis Acosta(Angela's BFF),
Matthew Kutlor,2 more spaces .
Just great, my mom wants Kenny, my little brother to come.
It was just a day before we left.I was packed and all ready!I was kinda
exicited. When I woke up[ in the morning,I thought "oh no it's today"!
My mom called down" Dani come on! Time to go!".I shouted back"I'm
coming!" Kenny was already up and ready to go.He shouted" Hurry up!I
want to go on that TRIP!"Spending a week with and eight-year old isn't
to much fun or Alexis or Angela! I had no Idea what was going to
Chapter 3

We were riding on the bus to go to the dock.
As, I got off the bus, the "boat" was coming.The "boat" wasn't really
big,fancy, or high priced.An "Tribe" was coming of the "boat".They are
sopposed to be "teaching us about life on a island.The Twins were
fighting.....AGAIN.(All the time on the bus!)Alexis and Angela were
fixing there hair.(AGAIN)Macy was listening to the "tribe".She was the
only one in eight grade.
Ryan and Ned decided to come.They were "OK".Ned,Kenny,jake, and Ned were talking about the island.It was time to board the ship.

Chapter 4.
What suprised us all is that Mr.Green Land ATE one of the BBQ
Choo-Choo bugs the tribe brought!!! As we got about 10 miles away from
the island, the boat started to turn.WAY TOOO MUCH!The girls started
screaming.The boys were startled.
Mathew almost fell over the side of the boat.xD
Then, we all rushed to the Captain's Quaters to see what happened.Mr.
Greenland was halfway over the Wheel looking sick.He said"That
BBQ....."He threw up before he could finish.
Almost everone said "Ewwwww!!!"

Chapter 5.

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Platinum Webkinz
Platinum Webkinz
Awesome story!!!

Don't be afraid to keep going on!

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Ultimate Webkinz
Ya please do keep going that was amazing.

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I updated it!Wink

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