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PROOF Courtney's appearing in Total Drama Action! Also TDA release date for US!

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TDA for US premieres June 4th and if you still don't believe me about either of these things you can go here to see it for yourself!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Drama_Action

Just scroll down and you'll see! Apparently, she's coming back on episode 8 or 9, so if ur searching on YouTube, that's about 1-2 weeks from now! BOOYAH!!

Lol sorry Courtney was (and still is) my fav girl on tdi and Puppies and I are liek her fan club L-O-L! Man wait till I tell Puppies she'll FREAK! Haha l8r....

-Doggie :redh:

P.S. Oh and the stuff that's edited is in bright red I did NOT edit her name in!

New eggies! Clicky them? PWEEASE!?!

Thanx! -Doggie <3
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Webkinz =]
Webkinz =]
umm never trust wikipedia anyone can edit the posts there. im just saying.....

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