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What my songs are about

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1 What my songs are about on Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:55 pm


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"How True Love Feels" - Lists the signs of true love (I wrote this during Shakespeare Camp)

"Why Does He Like Me" - You wonder why a guy likes you when you hate him.

"Mixed-Up Emotions" - You aren't sure if you like like a certain guy or not and whenever you come to a decision they do something that takes you by surprise, whether it's good or bad.

"Time To Win" - You really wanna win a game, you're hoping, trying your best, and in the last couple seconds you or your team (depending on your situation) gets a lead and you win.

"I Wish" - I (as in you) wish that someone would realize that "When I smile I am dying inside"

"Your Wish Came True" - Wishing on the first star in the night sky and hoping your wish comes true. Also, when a guy who likes you wishes that you'd like him and you already do.

***"Awesome Way"*** - The first minutes/hours/days/weeks after getting saved.

If you were wondering what my songs are about, now ya know! =)

-Doggie :redh:

(Note: ***(Insert Title Here)*** means that this is not the decided title for the song)

New eggies! Clicky them? PWEEASE!?!

Thanx! -Doggie <3
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