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9/9/09 (fun ideas for September 9, 2009)

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1 9/9/09 (fun ideas for September 9, 2009) on Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:32 am


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Anyone doing anything special or crazy for September 9th? Well, I'm trying to do everything 9 times (lol I'm acting like Trent from TDA xD). For example, this morning I had apples & peanut butter (it's the official 'Week Of Peanut Butter on my YT channel lol) so I made sure I dipped my knife into the peanut butter 9 times, and that I had 9 apple slices. Here are 9 fun ideas to try for today (look in the spoilers for bigger challenges):

1. Post! Try to post 9 times today on W4E =)
Challenge: Post 9 threads on W4E today
Mega Challenge: Post 9 threads and 9 posts on W4E today

2. Watch! Try to watch nine videos on YouTube (if you're allowed to go on)
Challenge: Upload 9 new videos
Mega Challenge: Make a stop-motion video with 999 pictures

3. Eat it! Try to chew everything 9 times!
Challenge: Eat everything in 9 bites
Mega Challenge: Eat and chew everything 9 times

4. Sing! Try to sing 9 different songs!
Challenge: Write 9 songs
Mega Challenge: Write 9 new songs

5. Chatterbox! Talk to at least 9 people today!
Challenge: Chat online or talk to 9 friends and/or family members
Mega Challenge: Talk to 9 people you don't know very well

6. Story time! Try and remember 9 different stories to tell to your friends & fam!
Challenge: Make up 9 new stories
Mega Challenge: Write 9 new stories, each a different type of story (ex. Fantasy, Fiction, etc.)

7. Game on! Play 9 of your favorite games!
Challenge: Play 9 new games
Mega Challenge: Make up 9 new games

8. Listen up! Make a list of 9 favorite bands or artists you enjoy listening to.
Challenge: Make a list of your top 9 favorite songs
Mega Challenge: Listen to 9 new songs and/or 9 new bands/artists

9. Dance to the music! Make up 9 new dance moves!
Challenge: Choreograph the 9 dance moves Mega Challenge: Choreograph 9 new dances

9/9/09 only comes around once every 100 years so let's make it something to remember! Have fun!


New eggies! Clicky them? PWEEASE!?!

Thanx! -Doggie <3
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