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Choir today *pants heavily*

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1 Choir today *pants heavily* on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:41 pm


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Hey guys! *pant* Have you ever heard of a 32-count? *pant* If you haven't, it's an excersise where you sip in air while someone counts to 32 and then when the person starts again from one you hiss it out. *pant pant pant* Well guess who held it longer than everyone else? *pant pant* Me! And there are about 50 other people in my choir! *pants* Lol when my choir director said we were gonna do this (before I did do it) she said "I will normally bring prizes for people who can last the 32-count, but I didn't think anyone would last so if anyone DOES last I will be shocked." *pant pant pant pant* Well, she ended up shocked, just barely. By the time she got to 25 in counting while I hissed I was starting to shake. At the end, I was red in the face, shaking very noticeably, my head and ears were hurting and I actually fell over, and didn't pass out. *pants* If I didn't sing as much as I do (which is almost all the time) I would have passed out. *pant pant* So, if ya couldn't already tell, I've been short of breath ever since. *pants* Although I have a very small amount of pain right now, I feel really happee and proud of myself. *pant pant pant*

See ya l8rz! *pant*


P.S. *PANT!*

New eggies! Clicky them? PWEEASE!?!

Thanx! -Doggie <3
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