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'Good Times [the POV of] Cocoa Browne' (a webkinz story by Doggie)

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The chapters are in spoilers for your convience =)

Chapter 1: Silent Dawn
The sunrise had begun 5:46 AM on the August morning, and Cocoa Browne was more eager than ever. The early morning sky always seemed to speak to the young artist. Silently, the fifteen-year-old girl grabbed her colored pencils, art paper, and digital camera. Moving towards her window, Cocoa froze.


Shoot! If she wakes up, I'll never be able to draw in peace!

Every inch of her hoped that she hadn't woken up her younger sister, Courtney. Cocoa stared at her sleeping fourteen-year-old sister. Much to her relief, Courtney only moved a bit and mumbled something about a guitar.

Haha. Cocoa laughed to herself. Courtney even dreams about music! That was a close one. What was I doing again? Oh yeah!

Cocoa quietly cleared off her desk, set up her art supplies, and snapped a picture of the Monday morning dawn. Noiselessly, she sat down and started to work. Several tedious minutes of artistic thought went by.

A line here, a dot there. Hmmm. What could go there? Cocoa pondered the age-old question. A cloud maybe? Mmmm. Yeah, that looks good. The young artist let out a triumphant sigh. Her work here was done. And it was a good thing too, because the daybreak was beginning to fade, and Courtney would be up soon. Most teens her age would still be asleep and the ones who were awake were exhausted. But not Cocoa! There was something about a quiet peaceful morning that put her at ease.

Trying not to wake her sister, Cocoa carefully opened the window and took a deep, long breath of clean, crisp air.

Good morning, Bridgetown. Cocoa smiled as she looked out at their small neighborhood in the small town she had always known. Softly but quickly, she shut the window and got busy getting ready for long school day ahead of her. It was the first day of school after all. Sighing peacefully, Cocoa sat on her bed and started to daydream.

She was running in a warm, grassy field with blue wildflowers. Then Cocoa thought she saw someone running in the distance, she tried to run faster, but it seemed impossible. All of a sudden, Cocoa heard a noise. It sounded like someone knocking, but who or what could make that sound in a prarie? There was a pause, and then she heard it again.

Coming back into reality, she realized it was her sister, Jessica, giving the secret knock on the door. Hurriedly, she opened it, and there stood her twelve year old sister.

"Mom says to get Courtney up now cuz it's time for breakfast" Jessica said calmly.

"Okay," Cocoa whispered "You can tell Mom that we'll be down soon," Cocoa paused, "But if we aren't, can you ask Mom to help me wake up Courtney?"

"Not a problem," Jessica replied.

"Thanks Jessica! You're a life saver" Cocoa said as her younger sister hurried down the stairs to tell their mother.

Glancing at the clock, Cocoa stopped in her tracks.


Cocoa hurried to Courtney's bedside and started shaking her gently.

"Court, time to get up" Cocoa said kindly

"Mmmm just 5 more minutes" Courtney groaned

"It's the first day school Courtney" Cocoa stated to her sleepy sister

"Your point" Courtney shoved her head under the pillow

"The bus will be here in fifteen minutes" Cocoa declared

Courtney's head shot up from under the pillow

"Oh my gosh! You're not serious, are you?" Courtney exclaimed

"Yup," Cocoa confirmed, "if you don't hurry you'll miss breakfast."

"NOOOO!" Courtney got out of bed and frantically ran behind the screen in their room to change, "can you close the door behind you?"

"K see you downstairs" Cocoa said as she closed the door and hurried down stairs, all the while thinking to herself.

Wow. In two hours my life goes from a quiet morning to a busy school schedule. And who was that in my daydream? I wonder what's gonna happen next....

Chapter 2: Donuts and Daydreams

Once Cocoa was downstairs, she quickly headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast. When she reached her destination, Cocoa stopped short. There on the counter was a box of donuts! Cocoa carefully opened the box, and to her delight there was a long donut with chocolate icing. Cocoa took a big bite, and realized that it had a boston creme pie filling: her favorite! Knowing her sister, Cocoa remembered that Courtney probably had gotten sidetracked while getting ready. Taking another bite of her donut, Cocoa yelled upstairs


"Donuts? We have DONUTS?!" came the slightly muffled reply

"Yes, Courtney, DO-NUTS!" Cocoa laughed, grabbing the milk jug and a cup. While she was pouring the milk, Cocoa wondered who it was in the daydream she had moments ago.

"Mom got us donuts? Sweet!"

Cocoa, startled by the sudden exclamation, jumped. Milk went everywhere. Cocoa turned around to see her younger brother, Kyle. Although Cocoa was the oldest sibling, at times Kyle seemed smarter. The thirteen-year-old had always loved math and electronics from an early age, and sometimes Kyle secretly helped the young artist with her homework.

"What happened? You look like you saw a ghost," Kyle said casually.

"Kyle! Don't scare me like that!" Cocoa replied angrily.

"Sorry" Kyle answered, "At least it didn't get on your clothes." Kyle smiled awkwardly.

Cocoa let out a long sigh.

"It's ok" she smiled, "I know you didn't mean to"

"Thanks" Kyle smiled back and grabbed the roll of paper towels, "I'll clean this up for you," he got on the floor and started to wipe up the spilled milk, "By the way, where's Courtney?"

"OH MY GOSH! I forgot to see if she's ready!" Cocoa ran out of the kitchen and started going up the stairs when she saw her sister. With a sigh of relief, Cocoa grabbed Courtney's hand and nearly dragged her all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Oooh! Yummy!" Courtney grabbed a donut and started shoving it in her mouth.

"Thanks for cleaning up Kyle," Cocoa thanked her brother, "I owe ya one" she said, finishing her donut.

"Don't mention it!" Kyle finished his donut, "Now let's hurry! The bus will be her any minute!"

"It's almost 8 already?" Jessica stepped into the kitchen and picked up a donut with pink strawberry frosting and sprinkles.

"Good morning, children" Mrs. Browne said gently.

"Morning," said Cocoa, still thinking about her daydream.
"Salutations" Kyle said with a somewhat nerdy importance.
"Good morning!" Jessica said with a bit of sunshiney happiness.
"Hai mom!" Courtney said in a way that only she can.

"Do you have everything you need?" their mom asked

"Yes" the Browne kids said in unison.

"Are you sure?" she questioned.

"Yes mom," they replied at once.

"Then hurry outside children, the bus is here!" Mrs. Browne informed them.

"Oh gosh!" Cocoa exclaimed "Hurry!"

The Brownes dashed outside and to their relief, the bus was still there.

"Ahh...another day of learning!" Kyle declared.
"Whew!" Courtney exclaimed, wiping imaginary sweat from her forehead.
"Right on time" the bus driver said with a smile.
"Thank you!" Jessica said cheerily.
"Thanks!" Cocoa got in the bus.
"Your welcome girls, any time" the bus driver replied, smiling.

There was a lot of noise as Cocoa walked through the crowded aisle of the school bus, looking for a friend to sit with, when she heard a shout from behind her,

"Hey Cocoa!"

Cocoa turned around and smiled when she saw her best friend, Ginger Lewis.

"Over here!" Ginger tapped the empty seat next to her.

"Okay, okay I'm coming!" Cocoa laughed as she took the seat by the window.

"Soooo what's up with you?" Ginger asked her best friend, "You look like you have something on your mind."

Cocoa, somewhat startled, turned to her best friend.

"Promise not to tell?" Cocoa pleaded.

"Promise," Ginger replied sincerely.


Chapter 3: (haven't decided a name yet)

Cocoa finished telling Ginger about her daydream, as the bus came to a quick stop.

"Now that's a strange dream" Ginger replied while getting off the bus.

"It was a daydream Ginger" Cocoa corrected as she got off the bus.

"Who do you think it is?" Ginger asked while walking towards Bridgetown High, their small town's high/middle school

"I don't know! Ugh! I won't be able to focus until I know!" Cocoa said, slightly angry, as she reached the doors to the school building.

"Maybe it's Chase" Ginger answered, with a sly tone.

"Ginger, I have told you an infinite amount of times I DO NOT LIKE CHASE!" Cocoa said quickly and harshly as she and Ginger entered their school.

"Sorry! Geez! You might wanna stop yelling cuz he's right there" Ginger motioned with her head to where Chase was standing, about 15 feet away.

Cocoa only heard a little bit of what Ginger was saying as she stared at Chase, with a dreamy "I'm in love" look in her eyes.

Chase Blitz was the captain of Bridgetown's school football team, and certainly looked the part. He was tall and had blond hair, short, but not too short, and muscular, after all, as Chase would say himself "10 years of playing football does that to a guy." Chase also had a winning smile that would make any girl drool, and deep blue eyes. Sometimes, Cocoa seemed to feel lost in them.

All of a sudden Cocoa felt rapid tapping on her left shoulder. Reluctantly, she turned to face her best friend.

"What?" Cocoa said.

"Oh yah, a girl can stand staring at a boy pratically drooling and still say she doesn't like him! Really Cocoa, really?" Ginger declared, laughing a little bit.

"Oh COME ON! And yes Ginger, really" Cocoa exclaimed.

"Whatever....uh oh!" Ginger laughed, but then got really serious.

"What Gin--" Cocoa said nervously as she saw Chase coming her way, "Do I look okay?" she asked hastily.

"Awesome!" Ginger responded genuinely.

"Oh what am I gonna say?" Cocoa asked very nervously as Chase kept getting closer and closer to where they were standing.

"Just chillax Cocoa and be yourself" Ginger smiled.

Cocoa was starting to feel anxious as Chase finally reached her.

"Hey" Chase said with his signature smile.

"Hi..." Cocoa replied, trying not to stare too much and hoping she would be able to talk.

"Just wanted to give you guys your school schedules for the year" Chase, who always called everyone 'guy' or 'guys' whether they were guys or not, said as he gave Cocoa and Ginger their school schedules.

"Thanks" Cocoa answered, somewhat shyly, as she put her schedule into her backpack.

"No problem, see ya around" Chase responded as he turned around and started for his first class.

Cocoa couldn't help staring after the star quarterback as he walked away. She was still in emotional shock that he would talk to her. Cocoa smiled dreamily, wondering if he really was the person she saw in her daydream. Suddenly she saw something move back and forth over her face.

"Hello? Earth to Cocoa, wake up!" Ginger stated as she rapidly shook her hand in front of her best friend's face.

"Huh?! What'd I miss?!" Cocoa eyes fluttered open and returned to reality.

"Sure, you absolutely, 100% do not like Chase Blitz" Ginger teased, walking over to her locker.

"Shhh! People will here you!" Cocoa shushed as she opened her own locker.

"So you do like him?" Ginger answered as she put some of her books in her locker.

Cocoa thought hard, trying to think of something to say to steer this conversation in a different direction. As she opened her mouth, much to her delight, the warning bell rang.

"5 minutes 'til class! What's your first?" Ginger asked, as she grabbed some books out of her locker.

Oh man! I can't believe I forgot to look at my schedule! Cocoa thought as she fumbled around in her backpack for the paper.

"Chapel" She read, and quickly grabbed the books needed.

"Awesome! That's my first class too!" Ginger declared, happy that she and Cocoa would be together for their first class.

"Oh gosh! The warning bell rang, like, 3 minutes ago! Class will be starting soon!" Cocoa exclaimed as she grabbed Ginger's hand and dragged her to their class.

When they got their, Cocoa noticed that most of the desks were taken, but smiled when she saw 2 desks next to each other, and quickly claimed one of them, noticing another one of her old friends.

"Yo Cocoa, how's it going?"
More chapters coming soon!


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New eggies! Clicky them? PWEEASE!?!

Thanx! -Doggie <3
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wow i cant wait to hear the story! looks amazing!

That pic takes some serious skill to make:] lolzz

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CatKween wrote:wow i cant wait to hear the story! looks amazing!

That pic takes some serious skill to make:] lolzz

Thanx =) It wuzn't really that hard, ya just gotta have a good idea of what you want it to look like. I think I'm gunna start writing some of the story now.

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Thanx! -Doggie <3
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K pplz chapter 1 (aka "Silent Dawn") has been added! Whaddya think so far? =)

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Thanx! -Doggie <3
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Hmm..Its good! So im assuming they r in middle school and it tells the life of a unique person...i like.. i like..KEEP GOING!:]

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You'll see hehe =)

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Chapter 2 has been added! Think ya know what happens next? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don't. Find out in Chapter 3 when they actually get to school (sorry it's been kinda slow, I'll try to speed it up in Chapter 3).

Writer of "Good Times, [the POV of] Cocoa Browne"

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