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Peppermint Puppy Adoption & Update to PSI!

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1 Peppermint Puppy Adoption & Update to PSI! on Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:07 am


Administrator/ Founder
Administrator/ Founder
I was lucky this weekend to see the first spotting of Winter Webkinz in my Hallmark - Peppermint Puppies!

Here is my Peppermint Puppy, Standing Next to his PSI

The Peppermint Puppy's PSI are the Candycane Seeds, and the PSI is the Minty Marble Cake

An Update to the PSI -
Similar to Previous PSI's, The Image for the Seeds were not put into the System yet, and until yesterday, caused a "Blue Box" and a Lock-out of the Garden they were planted in.

That has changed, and they are now plant able.
The seeds yield two "Farm Fresh Candy canes" every week.

NOTE: The Farm Fresh Candycanes and the ones available during Christmas 07 in the wShop are NOT the same as these. So, if you have the plant, don't assume that you can eat all the candy canes you currently have. (If they do not come back this year, the value could rise)

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