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Love Times Four (poem, I might make it into a song)

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Lately my head
Is soaring through clouds
Like it's never soared before
What is this soaring?
Love times four

What I feel
I've never felt before
What is this feeling?
Love times four

What happens
When you cross:
A bad boy
A sweet guy
A funny boy
A dream guy?
Not craziness
Not insanity
Not the end of the world
Or humanity
What do you get?
Love times four

None could be
More different than them!
One loves singing,
And one would rather die.
One loves football,
And one made me cry.

None could look
More different than them!
One has brown hair,
One has black.
One's tall,
One's short.

What could
Four totally different boys
Have in common?
They all
Make me smile
They all
Take my breath away
They all
Make me look twice
But most of all
They all
Have my heart
It's not done yet, but whaddya think so far? I know, it needs work, but I'm liking it so far.


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