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Welcome to THE GREAT ESCAPE: The Story! =D

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1 Welcome to THE GREAT ESCAPE: The Story! =D on Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:24 pm


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This story is actually a role-play originated by Ryan that I compiled together to make a story. Enjoy!


Intro: Kidnapped in Louisiana

You're walking down the streets in New Orleans. A man comes up to you, "Where are you parents?"

You turn around and stare at the man. He grabs your hair.

"OWW!" you scream. "He's not my father! LET ME GO!"

He throws you in the trunk of a car.

Surprisingly, you're not the only one there.

"Hello. I'm Ryan," one boy murmurs.

"Where the heck am I?" you ask.

"Welcome to your death."

"Say what?"

"The guy that captured you is the worst murderer in all the Big Easy."

"Um, hello? We gotta escape!"

"Many people have tried...and failed...I'm not willing to try again unless you come up with an A+ plan."

Ready to start a plan?

Our kidnappees:


Chapter 1: Stuck In The Trunk
"Oh My Gosh Ryan! I am scared!" said Sarah softly, "What is his real name and I have a cell phone lets see if we can call someone...Oh My Gosh THERE IS NO SIGNAL...Someone HELP!"

"Um, hello? We're trapped in a car...they're ain't gonna be no signal..." Ryan replied.

"Oh My Gosh. Don't you girls use bobby pins anymore? Maybe we could try and pick the lock mechanism with one." a kid named Matt retorted.

"Ohh Ohhh I have one but it kinda broke...." Sarah answered.

"Well that's just GREAT! What about...hmm....oh I give up! We'll never get out of here!" Matt exclaimed.

"Stay focused! We can do this!" Ryan encouraged.

"You think so? Why don't we like overpower him or something when he let's us out." Matt replied, "By the way, how'd you guys get caught by him? Well, for me, I was just at home workin' on Kookey Kingdom when he smashed the door, and pulled me to his car trunk."

"I was playing on Webkinz..." Ryan answered.

"Oh yeah. You got my items, right? I--" Matt was cut off because suddenly the car swerves hard to the left and then.... *SMASH*

"Woah! Holy Cow!" Matt shouted.

Chapter 2: Attempting Escape
After a few minutes of recovering from the shock of the crash, the kidnapees started thinking of more ways to get out of the trunk when it flew open. Matt and Ryan start to get out of the car.

"Wait! Since I am like pretty I could possibly distract him..." Sarah said.

"Sure, Sarah, you do that. Matt and I will run!" Ryan replied, getting out of the car. He and Matt jump out of the car and start running away.

"Hey Hey Nah Nah Nah nah......" Sarah taunted the kidnapper. All of a sudden the big man grabbed Sarah arm and started dragging her to the car.

"Ahhhhhh! Help he is pulling me in...Help RYAN HELP MATT!" Sarah shrieked.

Ryan rushes up to Sarah and starts pulling on her other arm.

"PULL! PULL!" He shouted.

"Have no fear! Super Matt is here!" Matt laughed, "I'm coming Sarah!!"

"Thanks! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Pull Pull Pull!" She commanded, one arm holding on to Matt and Ryan and the enemy holding the other. Apparently her lips had become chapped.

"Guys I neeeddd to put on lip gloss!" Sarah declared as she pushes away their hands. She quickly started to apply a generous amount of lip gloss.

"C'mon Sarah!" Ryan smacked the lip gloss out of her hand.

"You girls and your lip gloss" Matt whined as he pulled

Sarah and the boys pull hard and the criminal releases his grip. Ryan and Matt start running away.

"Wait! He has my $1,000,000 ring!" Sarah wailed as she ran towards the man to get it back.

Ryan surprises the murderer and grabs Sarah's ring.

"Sarah! COME ON!" Ryan yelled as he grabbed her arm and started running. The three ran off out of the cold, dirty streets.

Chapter 3: One Down
"Where are we?" Sarah asked.

"The streets...so familiar...Look! Burbon Street! A police station!" Ryan exclaimed. The trio made a mad dash over in the direction of the police station. Suddenly Sarah stops.

"Wait...I don't have anywhere to live..." Sarah said with despair.

"Why not?" Ryan asked.

"Well, I was abandoned while young," Sarah answered.

"So...you've been like....homeless for how long?" Matt inquired.

"About 12 years...I was living with my boyfriend and his family but then he broke up with me...." Sarah replied sadly.

"BOY FRIEND? 12 YEARS? LIVING?" said a very stunned Ryan.

"Uhhhh yuppp...its hard to explain his...his..." Sarah started to cry.

"C'mon drama queen!" Ryan replied, annoyed. He walked away.

"Coming!!!!!!" Sarah wiped her tears with a dirty hand and quickly caught up with Ryan. She did NOT want to be left behind with a killer on the loose.

"Where's Matt?" Ryan wondered out loud. The boy was no where in sight.

"Ohhh no! Did we leave him back there???" Sarah worried. Ryan turned around and mumbled something that couldn't be understood.

"MATT? MATT? WHERE ARE YOU??" Ryan called.

"Matt?? Oh Matt?? Where are you? Oh gosh, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore" Sarah says sarcasticly.

"Put a sock in it!" Ryan said angrily, "This is serious business! No time for jokes!" On the inside, Ryan was incredibly anxious. What if the murderer had got Matt?

Chapter 4: United Trio

"Help! There's this icky lettice thing on my shoe! Ewww its from the sewer!" Sarah screamed as she started to run.

"Never mind, I'll leave you behind." Ryan muttered, irritated, "Heck! Let her be on her own," He walked away from Sarah in boyish disgust.

"Uhhh you loser! LOSER!" Sarah ran up to Ryan.

"What do YOU want stran--" Ryan didn't finish his sentence because there in the distance was Matt.

"Guys! I'm here! I just had to fend that guy off with my mace. Comes in handy once in a while. Miss me?" Matt declared with a cocky grin. Sarah socked Matt in the arm.

"YOW!! What was that for?" Matt replied, rubbing his arm.

"Don't scare us like that!" Sarah frowned, but then smiled with relief, "Yes Yes!! We missed you!"

"Um, sure....well, let's get going!" Ryan said, trying to cut off this awkward conversation.

"Ok!" Matt replied, as he and the others started to run. "Did we lose that creep yet?" He asked.

They looked to their left and noticed someone coming towards them.

Chapter 5: Meet Miss Miley
"HEY HEY HEY! Hold up!?! What's going on here? Where are your parents?" the girl asked when she reached the forlorn trio.

"Um, somewhere...." Ryan replied, puzzled.

"Well, that's a great answer," she retorted, "So...What were you running from??" Ryan turned around and looked left, then right.

"Someone was trying to kidnap us...." He whispered.

"Ohhh.... Does he have brown hair and blue eyes? I've been kindnapped once. Come on, I'll take you to the Police..." the stranger replied, taking Ryan's arm.

"NO!" Ryan shouted and began to run away.

"YES!!!" she sprinted and quickly overcame and tackled Ryan, "Come on Matt & Sarah!! Would you rather have a creep hunting you down, or a nice, cozy place in a, uhhh.... jail cell? In jail."

"Okay...why would we want to be in a jail cell????" Sarah asked, confused.

"You could stay there until some nice person who needs a kid takes you and takes care of you? I guess?!?" she answered awkwardly.


"Umm...jail? No thanks." Matt said while looking around, "I think we can get to there on our own. We'll just talk to the officer at the front desk..."

"Yeah. Jail cells aren't right for us." Ryan stood up and gulped nervously, "Who exactly are you?"

"Yeah!" Sarah butted in, "Who are you??"

"Oh, I'm Miley! I am flying in from Maryland to help the homeless people who were hit by hurricane Katrina, and I thought you guys were refugees!" Miley explained, "Well, do you at least want me to go with you to the Police Depot?"

"I was hit by Katrina! Anyways...." Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Here, have 100 dollars and some crackers!" Miley said as she shoved the money and food into Ryan's hands.

"C-c-could I have some money too?" Matt inquired pitifully.

"How about some food?!?! I am STARVING!!!" Sarah growled hungrily.

"Yeah, but with the cash we can go buy something ourselves. Remember what our parents said about eating food from strangers," Matt said, trying to sound grown up.

"Ohhh yeah...it could be like drugs or something." Sarah added.

"Yeah. So, can we have some...money?" Matt asked hopefully.

"Dude, chill! At the airport, every piece of food you have is checked for drugs!" Miley said bluntly, "And, I guess you guys should get $250 each since your homeless. Oh and here's the aproval letter for my crackers." Miley showed them a certified letter from the airport officials.

"Okay, if you say so..." Sarah took a bite of the cracker, got really dizzy, and passed out.

"Well, then again, they are a little stale, heh heh..." Miley explained, "Wake up!" Miley threw some water onto Sarah.

"Thanks!!! God bless you!" Sarah stood up and shook Miley's hand.

Rest of chapters coming soon.


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